If you want to study in the country, then this is the best option for you.


If you want to study abroad, then this is the best option for you.



New Delhi: It is the desire of every student to study abroad. When you decide that you will study abroad, the next step is which country and university to go to. For this, we also do many types of research, we also talk to experts. Although earlier Indian students wish to study in USA and UK, the recent political turmoil has forced students to turn to other countries. There are many European countries with equally good universities. For many years, Germany has also been one of the favorite destinations to study abroad. Let’s know-



Germany offers very good programs for English learning students, after which students may feel the need to study in Germany. In many public universities, courses are offered to students at a very low cost. Germany is one of the favorite destinations among engineering and technology students.



Universities in the Netherlands offer the maximum number of study programs in the English language. It has more than 2,100 study programs for international students. Staying here will also not be heavy on your pocket.



Tuition fees charged by public universities in France are very low. You may find it a bit heavy to live here, but you will definitely get the benefit of studying in France by knowing about the art and culture here. Most of the courses here are taught in French, although there are about 1100 courses taught in English.



Studying in Norway is free at all public universities except for a few special programs. Living here can be expensive compared to other countries. Most of the courses here are taught in Norwegian although there are 250 master’s courses and 250 bachelor’s courses that are taught in English.



The courses taught here in Polish are free, whereas for taking courses in other languages, you will have to pay a tuition fee here. There are around 700 courses which are taught in foreign languages. The teaching method here is participatory and encourages critical thinking.



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